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Stelgim Longday
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Greetings, I see that you have found this site. Now the question is HOW did you find it?


 - Did you find it through my ads?, or just got the link from a friend?

 - Was you forced to come?


Anyway, I am happy to welcome you to this site. I am writing a book that is about the world of Telandir - a world I invented a few years ago. Book 1 is still being written, so in the meantime while I write - I will add information that is from the book on this site. You can read that information on the Information tab.


I have also opened up the shop, I sell old and new DVD's that I have watched and doesn't need anymore, also got old PC-Games and from time to time Japanese related products. The most common products I order is Snacks, but I might have some other small ornaments on the same order. So take a look at the Coming Soon section for more information - And perhaps getting ready to pre-order one so that it won't get sold out.


I also sell a few products off-line but only if you come to my town. Located at

Norway - Finnmark - Porsanger


Alright, time to talk about me.


I am turning 21 this year, has an interest in Japanese Animation and Manga. Also loves to play Console Games, got XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Wii and a lot of games. From time to time I upload scanned pages from the manga subscriptions I got, so if you're a translator that is looking for manga pages that is hard to get - or a new chapter has just come out, take a look.

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