Space Siege

Posted by Stelgim Longday on October 7, 2010 at 7:30 AM

I have completed Space Siege on less than 10 hours. I did not take any pictures while playing, or any video.. but I will do that for future reviews.


I have to say it was a good game, at least for me that is. I did it on 100% humanity, I did though take all the cybernetics parts and had it with me, but did not use them at all. What bothered me for a while in the beginning of the game, was the little (ghost?) girl running around while laughing, I found it weird at the first time I saw it.. but the next times I saw her I started getting this "Please stop trying to scare me D=" kinda look. In the ending you'll see what happened to Clara(Ghost Girl) and her dad(The one who has a lot of Data Pads).


The gameplay was a bit hard to get used to, point and click kind of battle, I did not know you could hold [SHIFT] button to shoot at nothing, so I did spend a lot of grenades and abilities to open boxes.


The graphics are good for a 2008 game, with a diablo kind of look (the way you see it upwards), but you can zoom in the camera view if you like.


I've heard there is several endings, and the one I got was the "Good Ending" with 100% Humanity. I think I want to know the other endings, but I dont know if I would want to start the game all over again.


The Online play seems like it would be fun for a while, but with no players online, and no possibility with bots, there was no chance to test this out. You could play on your own, but that is no fun since you've already completed the Main story.


Also, the ending made me believe there would be a Space Siege 2: Tachibana   or something, since they were going for the Tachibana Colony Ship. I can't wait for that, if it does arrive.

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