Well.. well.. Negima Collection soon complete I reckon

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Hello all!

Just recently this week, I got my package of the remaining "Negima!" Manga books. Volumes 29-37.. I think there is a few more that is yet to be translated to English. I also got three Limited Edition with OADs (Original Animated DVD?) Negima manga's straight imported from Japan.. but since they are Volume 30-31-32, I haven't watched or read them yet.

There is also a Volume 27 of Negima! that I cant read.. I ordered it in the wrong language, as I can not read German. I have plans on either selling it, or giving it away in the future. Anyone interested can contact me.







New Package from J-LIST

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This time I ordered a figure, pre-ordered would be the correct word. If you have heard of Mayo Chiki!, then you will know who this girl is.

The swimsuit can also be taken off (the top part and skirt only), no idea why but if you like that kind of thing you can do it (lol).

I will soon be getting a package from DHL again, today it has been customs cleared in HONG KONG, so it will be a few days more until I get it.

DHL Package from Amazon Japan

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I finally got this in the mail, I ordered a lot of manga and one bluray from

KissXSis Vol.1 Bluray (with... shimapan)

Sora no Otoshimono Vol.13

To Love-Ru Darkness vol.1, I cant believe I get to see Mikan and Yami nude here O_o, well I guess the Anime Season 2 showed nudity, but the manga has gotten very ecchi lately (me like)

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! or PapaKiki for short. Vol.1; Pretty good manga, the last page somehow shows nudity of the Emotionless senpai (the one with big boobs and long black hair). Apparently only an Omake by the writer / mangaka.

Kamisen Vol.5, this is a manga series I am following (have vol.1-4 as well). Pretty naughty though, but shows no nipples what-so-ever. It's about a priest family who are in debt and have to sell their temple(shinto maybe), when suddenly their God is coming out of the rock they are praying to (and in nude form). Apparently with amnesia.

Arcana Heart 3 Suggoi! Limited Edition

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Today I got the game I've been waiting for, costed me 151.9 USD with export. Also noticed that I got a sticker from Play-Asia.