Well.. well.. Negima Collection soon complete I reckon

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Hello all!

Just recently this week, I got my package of the remaining "Negima!" Manga books. Volumes 29-37.. I think there is a few more that is yet to be translated to English. I also got three Limited Edition with OADs (Original Animated DVD?) Negima manga's straight imported from Japan.. but since they are Volume 30-31-32, I haven't watched or read them yet.

There is also a Volume 27 of Negima! that I cant read.. I ordered it in the wrong language, as I can not read German. I have plans on either selling it, or giving it away in the future. Anyone interested can contact me.







DHL Package from Amazon Japan

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I finally got this in the mail, I ordered a lot of manga and one bluray from

KissXSis Vol.1 Bluray (with... shimapan)

Sora no Otoshimono Vol.13

To Love-Ru Darkness vol.1, I cant believe I get to see Mikan and Yami nude here O_o, well I guess the Anime Season 2 showed nudity, but the manga has gotten very ecchi lately (me like)

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! or PapaKiki for short. Vol.1; Pretty good manga, the last page somehow shows nudity of the Emotionless senpai (the one with big boobs and long black hair). Apparently only an Omake by the writer / mangaka.

Kamisen Vol.5, this is a manga series I am following (have vol.1-4 as well). Pretty naughty though, but shows no nipples what-so-ever. It's about a priest family who are in debt and have to sell their temple(shinto maybe), when suddenly their God is coming out of the rock they are praying to (and in nude form). Apparently with amnesia.

News update

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Hello everyone!

For those who did not know, I did a broadcast last time. It had been 3 months or so since my last 'real' broadcast, this was just going to be a test run, but it worked well. I am glad to have gotten 10-12 people watching, and I would like to thank you all!

On to other news, I have finally finished uploading episode 18 of Minecraft, it's a 34+ minute long episode so it took me 30-35 hours to upload (-__-")

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it, I had a few 'problems' in the game, which I think some might enjoy D:

Negima & Ore no Imouto Manga

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Today, I got the order of the Manga: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Volume 3 Collector's Edition.


Along with Collectors Edition of Negima: Volume 30-31-32, each with an OAD Animation, and a Pactio Card!.


The Negima books will not be for sale, as I only have one of each, but I might be putting the Oreimo volume 3 Collectors Edition for sale earlier this year.



Pictures will come.

Manga PSP Games

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Recently I've been cleaning up on my bookshelves, but no matter what I do I tend to get low on space. Well I do  have 1 bookshelf that has 50% room left for books. So instead I looked through the books, read a few ones and then put them back in correct order.


Also played a lot of PSP games lately, I particularly liked the Project DIVA: Hatsune Miku game. The songs is so beautiful, also the dancing that Miku does is so cute. I Really liked Akita Neru, another version of Hatsune Miku.


I ordered Project DIVA: Hatsune Miku 2nd from as well. I'm excited to see how this one is going to be like :D



I'll be back later.

New Manga's I'm Reading

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Hey everyone.


The new manga's I've been reading is:


Seitokai no Ichizon:

Book 1-3





This is only a few of the new Manga's I am reading.  Check the Gallery for more

Update #1

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Okay a little update on what I have got the last few weeks.


The last package came a few days ago, in it was a few books that I've subscribed to from before. Also got an order from Amazon Japan, I wanted the Dominanodo 2 book and since it seemed stupid to only order one book, I added another copy of it along with 2x of Tsugumomo 1-3 (got those three books from before).


Now the question is why did I do that, well I'll figure something out, in the meantime here are some pictures.



Below: Hatsune Miku Poster from Animedia Magazine


Below: Also in Animedia, a Goth Loli picture of Misaka Mikoto.


Below: From Animedia, this is the Anime Character's Top Ranks. Seems like Lelouch lost his first place which he have had for several months.. or was it years. And how did Yui get to 3rd place :O




Below: Comptic, as the picture said I also got a Cushion in it.


Below: Animedia, contains a few nice posters, like the one with Hatsune Miku further up.


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After watching Yoshikadu on (The author of Tsugumomo), I looked at some websites from Japan (in Japanese mostly).. and found the books 1-3 selling there.


I was thinking of ordering a copy to myself, but I'll wait until I find something more to buy :)




Until next time. I'm going to sleep