The Yandere goodness

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So.. unless you're registered on the site, you can not view the video. What it is about is Aragaki Ayase AMV video where it loops, saying Ecchi ecchi, etc.

【ニコニコ動画】エッチえっちエッチえっちエッチえっちエッチえっち通報しますよ! 【ニコニコ動画】罵れ!あやせさんW

Both is of Aragaki Ayase, just different creators.

New Package from J-LIST

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This time I ordered a figure, pre-ordered would be the correct word. If you have heard of Mayo Chiki!, then you will know who this girl is.

The swimsuit can also be taken off (the top part and skirt only), no idea why but if you like that kind of thing you can do it (lol).

I will soon be getting a package from DHL again, today it has been customs cleared in HONG KONG, so it will be a few days more until I get it.

Highlights on Nicovideo

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Here is one video I putted on

Turns out it's doing much better than the one I have on youtube. Same goes to the rest of the highlights I have.

【ニコニコ動画】Amnesia Highlights 1-4

News update

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Hello everyone!

For those who did not know, I did a broadcast last time. It had been 3 months or so since my last 'real' broadcast, this was just going to be a test run, but it worked well. I am glad to have gotten 10-12 people watching, and I would like to thank you all!

On to other news, I have finally finished uploading episode 18 of Minecraft, it's a 34+ minute long episode so it took me 30-35 hours to upload (-__-")

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it, I had a few 'problems' in the game, which I think some might enjoy D:


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So I've been interested in a new idol group, in fact it is the first idol group I have favorited.

They are a new group who I believe started in July or August this year.

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I love their music, hope you do as well :3


Please write below what you think of it.

Arcana Heart 3 Suggoi! Limited Edition

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Today I got the game I've been waiting for, costed me 151.9 USD with export. Also noticed that I got a sticker from Play-Asia.

Project DIVA: Hatsune Miku 2nd

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I Finally got the game I ordered!!


It's here!


It's New!


It's.. it's.. it's Hatsune Miku!


Anyway~, I did not play it at once I got it, I started playing MAG from level 6 to 16, and played probably 2-4 hours after work.


I play as Raven (The name of the Chassis I got as well), and on one of the Major Battles (256 players) I got in a group with 2-4 Japanese guys, I wish I had a mic so that I could speak to them.. but oh well.  I followed them, cause one of them was the Squad leader, but also cause I understood what they were going to do. Too bad I did not meet them anymore after that (the game ended fast).


Anyway back to the topic!


Here is a picture of the game I got (sealed and everything!). Taken with a Cellphone


New Books & Magazines!

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I got new books and magazines in the mail





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