Daily Map - Tracks getting somewhere

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Map is getting bigger / populated

Looking Back #1

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Looking back to the time when I first invented The World of Elendi, which is actually now known as The World of Telandir. I started writing about the fantasy world back in school, when I was about 16-18. I wrote mostly in class when I was bored with work at the Media and Communications Classes (The teachers was not the best either).


To make the time go by faster, I decided to think about what to do. This was the first step in my creating my own fantasy world to escape to, whenever I'm bored or want to dream of something.


Stelgim Longday (c) 2010

It first started as a map of Elendi, back then it was simply known as Nimondia. And it was only the western part of Elendi that was drawn. The oldest town I designed was Dãz, I was having it be the Capitol City in the land known as Dazondia. But I scratched that idea, who knows, maybe it'll be back at a later date, either in the past or the future.



And this was how the start of The Worlf of Telandir begun. I am still drawing and writing to this day, 5 years later.

New story underway

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I am writing a new story. This time it's about the Longday Siblings, or Stelgim and Sanah Longday.


It all begins in Nayande, which is in the country Kolal-Dek. They have been living there for about 2 months when strange things starts to happen. Will they find out how to deal with it, or just run away from the problems?



The story is a rather short one, but a great addition to Telandir and the past of the Main Characters. This story is to be about 4 years before the beginning of the Telandir Story. Sanah is 13, and Stelgim is 16, with all kind of troubles that happen around them and still so young.