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Pretty late for this review, as I got three TokyoTreat boxes lying around my office.. but hey, better late than never, am I right?


When we open the box itself, the first thing we see is the monthly volume of TokyoTreat with a detailed original cover art and the name of this month's candy package. Explaining what each candy or 'treat' is in English, just in case you can't read Japanese. It won't go into detail as to what chemicals it contains, that is a bit too much to ask for a translation I guess. This book is also a spoiler if you've yet to go further into the unboxing.


As we put away the book, we see our first Japanese treat Potato Chips Milk Flavored as our handy little book tells us. The potato chips are even healthy, these contain Calsium according to the package. So no reason to feel bad about munching down on a few milk flavored potato chips now. The texture of the chips is similar to other brands, although it has a softer feel to it. Funny enough it didn't really taste milky, but the smell was not something you'd expect from Potato chips, it had a strong smell but soft and pleasuring taste, not much in the package but might be for the best since this is our first time trying such a flavor. I definitely recommend this to Japanophiles


I then reach my hand a bit further in, in hopes of getting a random snack to check out. Out comes 'Himitsu no Kokotama Snack', let's check our handy book for a translation.. Cocotama Snack a milk and strawberry flavored biscuit, apparently this is from a popular animation in Japan, the product is marked with BANDAI / TV Tokyo. It comes with a 'seal' collection 1 out of 10 collectible seals, what did you get? This cookie also comes with calsium, in case you were feeling bad about eating this straigth after finishing the potato chips earlier.


The first thing I notice when opening the package is the sweet odor of strawberries, but the biscuits themself doesn't taste much of strawberry, this might be the milk doing it, it's a mixture of milk and strawberry and my tongue taste buds can't distinguish the strawberry from the milk after the last tasting of Potato Chips. But still an okay product, if I were to say yes or no to buying this, I'd say try it out at least.



Now we're getting to some real old good stuff, well the anime part that is. Next up is a Dragon Ball featured Cheese Pops, Dragon Ball Snack 5, nothing fancy in this naming, I'm assuming there were four other snack version before this. It comes with a collectible card for those out there with a big crush on Dragon Ball 1 out of 11 versions to collect. And who knew, these cheese pops comes with calsium as well, anyone see the resemblence here or is it just me?


Of course I start with the collectible, I got Son Gohan, not a big fan of Dragon Ball as I didn't start watching Anime before early 2000ish. When I open the package, the odor coming out didn't remind me of cheese, it had a slight milky smell to it. Well it does have calsium so must be something like milk in it?


It has a slight milk flavor to it, but after chewing for a bit I start to notice the cheese taste, it's not that strong but it's there. Definitely a good snack for my taste buds.



We've all had Pocky before, or well that is what I'm asuming from those Japanophiles out there. I still remember my first Pocky from J-Box back 10 years ago, I bought a box of dozens at once when they had the choice and had them for days and days, even ordered the winter versions. This TokyoTreat has a Pocky in it, although not as Japanese as some of us might have thought, it's called Brazilian Orange by Glico. Sure this is a snack made for the Japanese people, we know that they have their own original Pepsi and Cola tastes over there as well so nothing bad about this.


The package is filled with images of Oranges, and two pocky sticks that just seems like cookie sticks with nothing on them, on closer look you can definitely see some orange stuck on them. In brackets it says Chocolate, and chocolate mixed with orange is one of my favorite snack tastes!


Calpis, often joked by us westerners as sounding like "Cow Piss", a big brand in Japan where you will find Calpis in many shapes - mostly drinks, but who'd have thought they invented Calpis Gummy. The package reminds me of medicine, it's blue and white with big letters of CALPIS with a little citation down below that the illustration is just an image and not the product itself. I've never tried the Calpis drink itself. The package has a lock mechanism in case you can't finish it all in one go. The odor coming out of the package is sweet, kind of like a jelly or gummy smell to it. They taste like sugar, obviously since they're sprinkled in a coat of sugar, the top is soft and the bottom is hard but not that much for a jelly. Not bad for Calpis.


Seafood, one of my worst nightmares. I've never enjoyed anything that tastes like seafood, now I do like the occasional white fish, but never liked shrimps. Ebisen or Shrimp Crackers, the packaging is sort of bland but seems very traditional. Artistic image of an old couple fishing in a small boat using a fish net, and a shrimp with big cartoon eyes looking at you. The crackers themselves looks very much like french fries. Although out of date my four days, since I left it in the TokyoTreat box for 2 months - the taste shouldn't differ that much.


I've always loved some foreign drinks, as I am a collector of heart and exotic candy lover. This candy drink Marutake Peach Drink, interestingly has a "Win or Lose" sort of function, if the bottom of your drink has Atari you will (presumably) win another drink for free, but if it has Hazure you.. well lose, but still get to keep your drink. I do not think I can mail TokyoTreat if I win, so let's just forget about that part. The packaging is all pink with the peach icon in the middle being see-through. The handy book from TokyoTreat says it's freezable for a nice refreshing taste, I decided not to freeze it.


The peach flavor isn't heavy, it's very light for this drink, doesn't feel like it has any sugar in it either, but it's not sour either. And if you're wondering, I got Hazure.



Oh man, we all remember the popularity boom that was (is?) Pokemon GO, I never got into it (still at level 9) but I know relatives who still play it. This candy is all about the Pokemon evolution, and the package tells us gum candy combination for different tastes, like Pink Grape Fruit (Pineapple?) x Lemon = Orange or Lemon x Soda = Lemon Scotch, wait what? The candy also advertises the movie "Pokemon The Movie XY&Z" in a weird corner that is quite hard to spot.


Interestingly enough, both Pikachu and Raichu has kept their original names from the Japanese Pokemon Animation unto the western releases. While most of the rest has had name changes to better fit our culture and humor.


These gummies are something I really love, the texture is plump and soft as jelly candy should be like, and the taste is what you'd imagine it to be like. Really, really recommend these to western customers, this is something most people would enjoy eating.



Moving on, we still got half the items remaining. Next up is a dagashi, you've probably seen this in a few animes, most recently being Dagashi Kashi. Fortune Candies, unfortunately one of my chocolate pills were opened and the candy was inside the package just roaming around, with it's fortune letter behind it scratched away, so I'll never know my Pocket Money fortune, but I'm a grown man and don't receive such money so maybe it was for the best? Our little TokyoTreat handy book translates every fortune for your convenience, since I'm interested in my marriage fortune as I recently had a dream where I did a shotgun wedding, I think I'll pop it out first. I wonder if there is a YouTube fortune in here..


It seems I was a bit quick in my judgement, the symbols are on the paper with the chocolate pill blocking it, I got a very good on Marriage, good on Pocket Money and not good on Love. How does that work, not good on love but very good on marriage, maybe my shotgun wedding dream will come true?!


Now let's take a look into my future, and it's a 'good' so seems like I won't get any trouble? (opens the trouble fortune pill) and it's good (phew). What about my CMEN friends, will this be a good or bad?.. Amazingly it's a very good fortune, which is good as I am still playing with them every week so to say.


DIY, a widely popular tag on YouTube and in the consumer market, there is almost no way you won't see a DIY item in a store of yours, although DIY candies are harder to find in the west, it definitely seems popular in the eastern market. The item is a Toilet DIY Candy.


Our friends at TokyoTreat have been so nice to translate the package in the handy book for our convenience, not that I had expected them to do so. Although not as detailed as on the package, it definitely helps for those who can't read. The toilet itself is non-edible, but if you've ever wanted to eat out of a toilet here is the chance.. and it's much more hygienic than doing it in a real one!


We all had our favorite children's TV shows, mine wasn't really this, but I've had relatives who sat down and watched it whenever I was visiting. This has made the intro song go into my brain everytime I see an image of a character from it. Thomas the Train or Thomas & Friends Pretzels, I didn't know Pretzels could fit into such a small package, but I think they mean Pretz, as pretzels is a totally different thing.


Not far behind that is another Thomas & Friends candy, a chewing gum candy with grape flavor. It comes with a collectible wrapper for those interested in such. Not much else to be said about this product, the art on the package is kinda cute?


The gum package was ravished by my dog before I had a chance to test it out, luckily I managed to take a picture before it happened.


Youkai Watch, an Anime show that I've not seen. Apparently it's popular as other mystery boxes have had it in July as well. The chocolate on one side seems to have lost some of it's color in the process of staying in my box for two months. Packaging is cute and show cases two (presumably) dead kittens looking at your candy stick with admiring eyes. I can taste dark and white chocolate as well as strawberry in this. It has a light sweet flavor, the strawberry overtakes the other tastes in this combination, making the dark and white chocolate feel like they're not even there.


Black Thunder Gold with a coconut flavor, according to our handy book it's very popular in Japan, made out of rice puffs and dark crispy cookie senter, surrounded by milk chocolate. The package is literally gold colored, and kinda taste like the rice puffs covered in chocolate we use to have in Christmas over here. Such a nostalgic flavor.


Anpanman Ramune Candy, is a pretty popular brand and here we have a ramune candy version of them. On the top is a little citation that this candy is kind to your teeth, lucky us. We've been munching on so many candies, cookies and gummys before this one, and I think our teeth are getting tired! The candy has four different tastes, including Orange, Apple, Peach and Grape. All of which are excellent choices for candy production. Oh, and it contains calsium in case you were worried. It tastes like the fluoride tablets that I used to eat before going to bed when I was younger.


We're at the last one, Soybean flour Mochi rice cake DIY, at first I thought it said Mochi Mochi Kinoko, which is mushroom on Mochi, which might not have been the best combination - but who knows? This one has a detailed DIY translation in the handy book, with images, although I think we all could've figured out how to sprinkle soybean flour on top of jelly. Even so it's nice of them to go this far for those of us unsure on how to do it.


And that was it for this month, luckily I have two more boxes to review, but I think my mouth and stomach might want a day or two to relax over so much candy - I had to finish them all after all. To go into detail over the handy book, on the last few pages it tells us of the Tanabata festival in Japan, with the story and pretty images. And a page dedicated to Tokyo Tower as a sightseeing spot.


Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear your feedback on this review and maybe what else I should go into detail on. Leave a comment down below or check my YouTube channel for other stuff.




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